Friday, October 23, 2009

Standardized Test 3

wohaa..SD 3 is just around da corner..and yet,Hajar still do not move even for an inch..eish3..Hajar felt very lazy now..hehehe.she can't do her tutorial,her assignment,and her duties..All she ever wanted is ????..ntah..Dye pon x taw nak ape...Macromedia x ciap gi..Math..Chem..Bio..aarrgghh...all drive her crazy..

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Muahahaha..BOYS ARE STUPID,THROW ROCKS AT THEM.!..yup,dengan rasminya di sini Hajar Zain sangat la setuju dgn cartoon Todd Goldman n company dye David and Goliath ni..seres..thanks to my dearest sweetheart on earth,Michu for sending this to me..thanx gak kt Hlovate yg after ak bce novel dye bru taw psal bnde alah ni..hehe..
"I really love this pic..hah ha..this is when the evil in Hajar talks.But honestly,yes.Boys are stupid.Espescially Faris..!!ah gle evil.Throw rocks at him.Pots and pans too..