Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Finale Result..

..Finally,finale result had come out..hahaha..don't know what to say..but,deep inside,i'm really think that it worth it..coz,i didn't expect to get a better marks for math as i know i x brape nk ad jodoh ngn math..It is not because i had numbers,no..!!but,i just don't get it simpler as in Biology or Chemistry..hehehe..well,i am a left-handed person no wonder la..haha..alasan..
3.93..i'm really grateful.thanx to Allah..Math,i got A-.another thing think to say Alhamdulillah..hehe3..

1. 9 am, tgh dalam lab.sarah gave msg to Anis n inform us the result had come out,call Sir Azran..
2. OMG,i felt ..hella,nervous..!!!
3.During lunch time,Anis msg Sir Azran,but he reply back and asked to call him..
5.Rahee called him and she got 4 FLATED..WHOOAA..i started to felt nervous again..
6.i called him n he said,
"ok Hajar ye??tggu jap..oww..Hajar dpt 3.93".
.hehe..that time i dont know how to react..just say..ooh..then he added,your math Hajar..A-..heh..
then,cm biase,called Mr Daddy and mummy...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Free time...

..haiya..haiya..haiya...lame gile nk update blog ni..keh3..seres xde mase la..well,i just hate sangkut2 line the best yah online..
Well..newest update bout myself..tgh cuti sem..cuti la sgt..padahal, now i,m stuck at UPM doing research...yayayayay..
exam final sem 1 da abis..tgh tggu result even ble jew calling2 papa tnye result..but,make it suprise then..hahahaha...keyh..t smbg g..