Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blood[Glucose n Pressure]

..herm..Sem 2 susah btol nk blogging..den raso maleh..ahaha..last sunday,was my biology lab..quite fun this time..coz kami amik blood glucose level and blood pressure..keh3..n the most exciting part was timbang berat..yuckss..!!i alwez phobia with those timbang2 berat ni..hehe.
pic ni xde kne mengena lgsg..haha

so,nk cerita la result dapat haritu GLUCOSE level was quite low..haha.padahal ideal la..5.2mg/dll..lower than everybody,same as Anis and tinggi sket dari Jah..ceh,x maw kalah tu..

My blood PRESSURE plak x dapat dipastikan kesahihannye..but from what Solehah got, my SYSTOLE was 115 mg n DIASTOLE 85 mg..x sure whether is was OK or not..

Then,of koz akan ad chat dgn Mr Wan..He told us,from what he raed,people who r O blooded,if she or he get married with someone who r A blooded,they will produce genius kids..WoW..

haha..N guest what..EL Nauphall is and alwez A blooded..keh3..what a ??


Friday, January 8, 2010


Hey ya..geng Ropol2 sekalian..give me back my trust towards you guys.!!..PULANGKAN..!!.i'm afraid i'm losing it someday..

p/s:i love u matter what.

New Chapter of Life

~ i-am-freaking-out ~
..hah's been a while i didn't update my blog..quite miss it..still dunno what to write..blank=nk pee..hehe2

i know in here it just like open diary to whoever that read this,i going to heal.yet,maybe 75% alright..i have come back to old me..old Hajar..fine Hajar.good HAjar.cun Hajar.ooppss,overact!!

New sem had 2010 resolution are:

1.Get 4.0 for my Final result

2.No 'public' crush

3.Xnk emo2s

Thats all i can think right away in just 7 minutes..yeah..see ya when i see ya~