Thursday, August 20, 2009

[..Story of a Hidden Friendship..]

eRm..wanna tell ya something...

i have known him since i was in f4 or f5..can't remember much..hehe..

we been texting each other since then..sometimes i could ring him,n he ring me back..

we shared lots of things..[not thah much act]..hehehe..shared a lot of target q's during SPM..

we have never seen each other..neither watch any picture..coz he didn't have one..kuikui3

until one day,we enrolled here..

MCKN,i met him..yay..

he's totally different from what i've been expected..

b4,i thought he was black,tall,'kabut',mengade2,alim type n what so ever..but it was totally different..

Since we entered here,we never have a face-to-face conversation..just texting each other,,coz all his friend were so anxious everything about him..kehkeh3..[lol,ak pon segan ngn dye]..muahahah

well...i really need to admit it..he has Korean look from right side.typical Malaysian look from left side,and Penan look from above...hahaha..mke ble bla..sket..

haha..what so funny 'bout him..dye ckp sket nyer kasar ngn his ngn ak baek jew..thats why sometimes i felt that i've texting a wrong guy..

don't be wrong,dear friend [who read this post]..ak da marker dye jadi benchmark ak..herm..since ktorg kawan i think..i always hope that i could challenge everything..haha..seyes,to be honest,i'm quite impressed with him..tgk dye study,cam nak telan buku tu..kehkeh3

sometimes,klu ak ni jenis yg x brape tebal kulit pipi,nk je ak terjah dye..hahah..ask him to teach me anything that i couldn't understand..well,pemahaman boys kn laen,it almost impossible..
he's da guy..n i'm da girl..fitrah..kui3
plus.. positive side dye bgs sgt..haha3..imam...reputation kne jage

huh..xpe..da day will coming sooner or later..[x dtg pon xpe]..blaja ngn girls best jew..mcm2 ble story..haha
insyaAllah,we will be together 4 another 5 years in RCMP..
hope this kinda frienship will remain till then..


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