Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Widow dah jadi..

..hehe2.."guy in this pic is not her ex but sumone who i believe could take care of her better in future"!!..haha

A day before we are having our 2nd semester break, well that's today..hehe3..Erin had been ambushed by a such HECK news about his "sotong" bf..

..haha..den dah kato"leave him b4 he leave you"..Then,this happen.

Jah kate"Aku x bleh salahkn dye 1oo%,coz ko penah niat nk dump dye dlu"

Sarah kate"..Eii..ak emo btol la ngan Cipon uh..eish..geram plak ak!!"

Awin kate"..nth ak lupe lak tetbe..keh3

Anis kate"..Lex la Erin..kt RCMP t ko carik la mane2 hot hunk..heh"

..Now Erin really,badly need our help..She afraid she will cry when she facing that d*** guy..No matter what,we always right behind you..

Time dalam bas,tgh syok2 layan oppa,tetibe

"Hajar,tdo ke??"Sarah tnye.


"She's crying again..."

Adoyai..but that time was the worst..she keep cryin'2 until she felt asleep perhaps.

Erin,if u read this post,i'm tellin' u..All ropol2 love matter what..but,you should know..This heart and feeling emotion can't be shared equally among us..U r da one who knows better bout urs.u can tell us everythin'but we can't over react..hahaha3..what da..

I still remember,i gave you this analogy..psal org yg kne cancer.. i described you as org yg kne cancer tapi x nk operate..hehe3..klu operate there are risk whether u get better or you die..

In this case,klu ko operate,meaning ko pgi luahkn kt dye what things yg ko x pueh ati..if you get better meaning both of u bleh terime..but if you die,meaning ko x kuat n barai ngn ayak mata..hehe..

Sory to say,tapi ak rse kn Erin,idea org kne cancer bi mmg brilliant time uh..heheh.

Erm..i have nothing to write left,even too many words came across my mind..

but its ok Erin,ak ad jew kt sini..alweyz..

Ok..should stop rite now..



  1. hahahaa..nice analogi psl cancer tu...wakakka..
    erin..we r 4 u..!!!
    abaikan c CIPON sotong tu...

  2. wahahhaaa...hajar,...apekahh...
    asal gamba tu plak ko ltk...
    adoiyai....~nway,thanx korg...
    4 being there when i need all of u..
    heheheee...touching plak...
    hope to get rid of that _______ from my mind..