Monday, July 6, 2009

A.S.H.F.Y caught in frame!

..Biology Lecture..

..ASHFY + Ecah..

..ASHFY + Acit..
English assigment

Usop got the influenza H2P1 from Tiha..haha..

Syifa said " Urm..I love cappucino as much I love my MC partner"
Yusuf said "ERm..cute panda in vanilla"

Erm..all ot us love to take pictures esp Haha.Titi.Fafa.Every single thing that we done we would try harder to candid our pics. Tiha said "It's for documention"
haha..what a silly reasons..Yet,they love to use my W901 camera."Haha,my pics look handsome in this!Haha,ur screen is wider!Haha!Haha!

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