Thursday, July 2, 2009


Sheriff Hajar with Lady Michu

..On our school sport day..

Michu..She's my best buddy.Now she struggle all her best in Gambang Matriculation College,Pahang.She is a smart girl.Always find her way to escape this and that.muahaha..She got sraight A's in her SPM.kan den dah kato,minah ni budak pandai..haha.Michu ni lalang.bukan sebab dye suke ikut cakap org,tapi sbb dye ni tinggal tulang.kih3.Kurus amek..Bcoz she has a higher rate of metabolism in her body,makan ape pon x menjadi..She ate much much more than me but then see??Dye ni makan x bace bismillah agaknyer..haha..naa..aku maen2 je..she's waiting for her JPA scholarship result..I know she can make it!..yay...
Michu,been missing you a lot!!

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